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The Marion Luckers Kidney Foundation was created in 2011 in honor of Marion Luckers. Kidney disease can impact anyone of our family members at any time. Marion Luckers suffered from a heart attack in 2004 and as a direct result, she was placed on dialysis for five years to prevent fluid from forming around her heart. This process was very strenuous for both Marion and her family. Although she suffered for quite a while she always had a fighting spirit. The foundation serves as a support for family members who have a love one suffering from kidney disease or who has lost a family member or a friend who suffered from this disease.


Our goals include educating the public on kidney awareness and prevention, organ donor process, and supporting research on kidney disease. We will provide financial assistance to active dialysis patients who meet our eligibility requirements. Through philanthropy and charity we can make a difference! Join us in collecting donations, volunteering your time, utilizing valuable resources or making a financial contribution that will impact both patients suffering from kidney disease.

Our mission is to provide organ donor awareness and support to dialysis patients and families. The Marion Luckers Kidney Foundation sponsor fundraising events to help patients in the Philadelphia area directly affected by kidney disease to support non-medical expenses such as transportation to dialysis, utilities, housing and food. We believe through promoting kidney disease awareness, the need for kidney screening and other preventative measures will help individuals within the Philadelphia area.


Our vision is to stop the rapid growth of kidney disease in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and to improve the quality of life of those affected by kidney disease.


Diversity: We aim to diversify the organ donor registry in order to increase the number of transplants available to all patients.


Integrity: We aim to interact in the communities we serve in a way that is respectful and ethical.


Collaboration: We aim to increase our efforts through collaboration with community-based organizations, organ procurement organizations, transplant centers and dialysis centers.


Sustainability: We aim to implement strategies that will increase funding, organizational capacity and brand platform.


Knowledge: We aim to actively promote education about kidney disease prevention and diagnostic screenings in an effort to prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

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