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Living Donor Testimony

by Deanna Handy

“In 2008, I made a life changing decision. It was a gift of love.  I choose to be a living sacrifice for the life of my father by becoming a living kidney donor. Diabetes took a toll on my father’s body which led to chronic kidney disease. He was told the transplant list would possibly take five or more years. I did not want to risk my father not being a participant in my graduation, wedding anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. I did my research and considered becoming a living donor. After numerous tests, a date was set and both of our lives would change. February 8, 2008 I gave the man who gave me the air I breathe another chance of life. After, lots of follow up appointments, keratin checks, words of encouragement, and prayers both of us were on a road to recovery. My father was able to see his son graduate from high school, watch me graduate from college, celebrate his 50th birthday, and 25th wedding anniversary. The memories we shared could never be replaced. Diabetes is a silent killer, and my father's courage to fight the disease was an ongoing battle that cut his life short on March 19, 2011. Despite, the lost of my father, I made the choice to become an organ donor and his spirit will live within me forever.”

Dialysis Patient Testimony by Toni P.

“I was diagnosed at the age of 22 years old and for my 23rd birthday I had my first hemo-dialysis treatment. I was blessed to be placed at Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill Dialysis Center in the self care unit; which taught me how to set up and maintain my own dialysis machine before and during treatment, monitor my vital signs and understand how the disease impacts my body. While dealing with my treatment I was a single parent, working as a licensed cosmetologist and taking classes at Community College of Philadelphia for Accounting. I continued to live my life as if I was never diagnosed with kidney disease. After 3 ½ years of being a self care hemo-dialysis patient I was blessed with a kidney transplant from a cadaver donor. My transplant lasted for 9 ½ years before it began showing signs of rejection. In February 2006, I returned to self care hemo-dialysis and after three months of training I became a home hemo-dialysis patient. I tell everyone that being a home patient for the past six years is the next best thing to having a transplant; which allows me to have freedom to do my dialysis treatment when I’m ready and to be in the comfort of my own home.”

Testimony of Gratitude

by Donald Richardson, Jr.

“I want to personally thank The Marion Luckers Kidney Foundation for the financial assistance award presented to my father who is a man that would do anything for everyone before himself. My father truly enjoyed himself at the 2nd annual benefit dinner. He was very impressed with your organization and the event.  Attending the benefit dinner allowed my father to interact with other dialysis patients and to hear stories about the good and the bad regarding this disease.  Since my father has been placed on dialysis, this has enabled him from working and supporting his family which is his number one goal. Once again, thank you for the financial assistance in helping our family but more importantly the few hours my father spent at the benefit dinner meant much more to uplift his spirit.”

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